verified_user {{usersId[].firstname}} {{usersId[].lastname}} arrow_drop_down {{'Users'|translate}} {{user.firstname}} {{user.lastname}} {{}} {{spacesId[id_space].name}} arrow_drop_down Spaces {{}} {{}} Property {{propertiesId[id_property].name}} arrow_drop_down Properties {{}} {{}} more_horiz More actions styleUpdate style (ctrl+H) cachedUpdate templates (ctrl+L) groupActivate client mode (ctrl+J) groupUnactivate client mode (ctrl+J) fullscreenEnter Full Screen (ctrl+F) bug_report Debug SQL closeStop loading person {{'My Account'|translate}} person {{'User profile'|translate}} supervisor_account {{'Partners'|translate}} help {{'Need Help?'|translate}} {{'Spaces'|translate}} {{}} power_settings_new {{'Logout'|translate}}

add_circle Add
drag_indicator {{type_procedure.icon}} {{}}
{{}} {{'Add window'|translate}} add
{{'Dashboards'|translate}} arrow_drop_down {{'Dashboards'|translate}} {{}} add_circle {{'Add dashboard'|translate}} edit edit
delete Remove window close
add Add grid close Remove grid
Execute addExecute cumulative {{form_procedure.position[0]+1}}{{form_procedure.position[1]+1}}{{form_procedure.position[2]+1}}{{form_procedure.position[3]+1}}
{{form_procedure.type}} {{procedure_type.icon}} {{}} fullscreen fullscreen_exit control_point_duplicate Duplicate delete Cancel Save Save & Close
Folder menu Edit mode
Import from the flow : All {{k_grid+1}} Put in the window Autosave

Grid {{k_grid+1}}

Step {{k_step+1}}     Hidden

{{}} {{output.procedure.func}} {{output.procedure.type}}

Parameters: {{output.parameters}} close

{{k_setting}} {{setting}}

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Display logs

Display logs

Display logs
All properties All spaces

Display logs Disable security
Apply :   {{v}}
Only Template Global variable Hide for client Autoreplay Display date


User {{form_procedure.id_user}} Space {{form_procedure.id_space}} Property {{form_procedure.id_property}} Folder {{form_procedure.public.set_id_folder}}

edit Edit template

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Icons {{type}}
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